We specialize in providing comprehensive valuations for ships, catering primarily to the discerning needs of leading banks involved in ship financing.

At the heart of our operations lies our dedicated Market Intelligence team, tirelessly conducting in-depth market analyses to provide our clients with unparalleled insights into the ever-evolving market dynamics. Leveraging our status as authorized ship valuators for most of the active ship-financing institutions, we offer precise evaluations of vessels’ values across a wide spectrum of shipping sectors.


Thanks to our vast and accurate database of SnP and chartering transactions which has been thoroughly built over several decades with commitment to detail and accuracy, we are able to fully and precisely evaluate the current value of vessels of almost all sectors including the more specialized sides of the industry such as RoRo, PCT, Passenger, Fast Ferry and Cruise.


Furthermore, in collaboration with our active Offshore department, which boasts an extensive track record of successful composite fixtures annually with Offshore Vessels, we are also able to issue valuations of a wide range offshore assets from PSVs and AHTS to harbor tugs and heavy lifters.


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