Repairs & Conversions

Repairs & Conversions

Since 1982, Intermodal’s partner Interyards provides an extensive range of technical solutions, by representing the largest shipyards worldwide.

Interyards is proud of having an extensive list of successfully contracted dry-dockings that spans across all type of vessels, from high-Tech LNGs to vintage Bulkers. The key point of success is based on an evenly distributed effort in targeting project requirements, proper field preparation and post-fixture close follow up throughout project development.

Interyards is a leader in technical services of non-conventional type vessels, such as LNGs, LPGs, Offshore, Car-carriers and Cruise vessels. Among other shipyards world-wide, we exclusively represent one of the most important repair centers in Europe, NAVANTIA REPARACIONES in Spain and the most acclaimed shipyard in Far East SEATRIUM in Singapore. Both shipyards, were the world leaders on major upgrade works, passenger liners and gas carriers over for the past decades.

In regards to conventional type vessels, Interyards maintains a strong presence in China and Turkey by providing to Customers a wide range of options from routine dry-dockings, to extended steel repairs and treatments of tanks and holds. While endeavoring to provide effective solutions to our Clients for regions where repairs are not scheduled, Interyards has successfully concluded numerous deals in regions like South America and Africa.

Interyards also provides afloat repair solutions by representing various workshops and underwater companies worldwide.

Lastly, Interyard’s expertise in Technical know-how, enables us to provide a full coverage of consultancy works by utilizing the large pool of business experience and academic backgrounds from our people and associates.