The high academic qualifications and “hands-on” business experience of our team, with a moral code that expands beyond typical business relations, provides the ability to schedule and materialize effective, scientific, yet entrepreneurial, business solutions and project appraisals. As such our constant development and pro-active approach has allowed us to go beyond the conventional shipbroking roles, providing new and innovative services which further complement our clients’ operations.

Over the years, Intermodal has evolved into a major information hub, fully equipped to back our “market feeling” with sound business advice and provide an accurate market perspective. With the help of the vast database of market information and reputable market analysis skills, we are able to produce on-demand fully tailor-made consultancy reports, which are often requested by some of the most prominent and influential people in the industry, and are often provided via presentation by one of our respected analysts at the client’s or our own premises. Services like this not only give you the opportunity to get a completely personalised service, but also allow you to fully interact with the analysis and go into as much depth and detail as you require.

This commitment to your needs goes beyond just a one-off case, allowing you to fully utilise our strong expertise and market insight as part of your long-term strategy.


Bespoke Data

With our reputation ever growing in relation to our reliable and insightful market information, we are constantly finding ourselves receiving request from clients and associates for specific raw market data, which they can rely on for some of their own internal data analysis requirements. As such, and in line with our commitment to always helping the industry better tackle any emerging problems caused by the ever shifting markets and new industry fundamentals, we have started providing specialised ad-hoc data services fitting to your exact personal requirements of our clients.