Intermodal’s core focus is in the sale and purchase of second hand ships, where the vast experience of our team lays. Operating out of two vibrant shipping centres, Athens and Shanghai, has allowed us to develop synergies that address the needs of our international clientele.

Intermodal’s core focus is in the sale and purchase of second hand ships. Operating out of two vibrant shipping centres, Athens and Shanghai, has allowed us to develop synergies that address the needs of our international clientele.

Intermodal maintains specialty desks covering all shipping market segments. We have negotiated and successfully concluded numerous deals of all types of ship, with sizes and ages from vintage up to very modern including resales from well-established and trusted shipyards.

Intermodal is one of the pioneers in the Greek market in maintaining dedicated teams on particular market segments including the RoRo/Ferry, Towage and Offshore sectors.

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Our Tanker Chartering team has grown considerably over the last 5 years and today handles over 4M tons of cargo annually with a dedicated chartering and operations team focused on petroleum products, specialized products and period contracts. We believe that our team’s sensible size and expertise allow us to offer a personal and adaptable service before, during and after a deal is concluded.


Spot Chartering in Petroleum Products

Focus on clean and dirty petroleum products trading across Black Sea, Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East Markets. The majority of products currently brokered by us include Gas Oil, Gasoline, Naptha and Fuel Oil

Spot Chartering in Specialized Products

  • Palm oils originating from South East Asia and Central America
  • Vegetable oils from the Black Sea, Baltic, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Biodiesel
  • Lubeoils
  • Easy Chemicals

Time Charters

  • Experienced on time charter contracts for bunkering tankers
  • Long time charter contracts for product , chemical and crude oil tankers


Post Fixing

  • CP interpretation
  • Vessel movement follow up
  • Voyage instructions
  • Smooth and clear communication between contractual parties
  • Stowage plan assistance
  • 24/7 problem attendance
  • B/L and LOI issuance assistance
  • Invoicing and payment follow-up


  • Assistance on handling, calculating and analyzing demurrage claims
  • Time-Bar adherence ensurance
  • Legal justification/advise

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We are particularly active in the offshore support industry, AHTS and PSV, both on the Sale and Purchase and chartering sides, including long term projects in the most prominent developing regions such as South America, South East Asia & West Africa.

Our long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge of the offshore industry, stem from our proven track record of successful participation in long term employment tenders and contracts for service vessels.

We also provide deep sea towage arrangements, while our strong ties with numerous industry experts ensure that our clients receive high quality and professional service.

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We pride ourselves on running one of the leading new-building desks with an extensive orderbook of vessels across all sectors and sizes, successfully contracted and delivered.

Our network and close relations with all the major shipyards and Shipbuilding groups in the Far East gives us the ability to provide the most updated and competitive new building proposals.


Our NB desk has always been manned by naval architects who have the capacity to sit side-by-side with our clients, from the initial stages of the design and market investigation, through to the different stages of specification preparation, contract negotiation and construction right up to the delivery of the vessel.


The establishment of our Shanghai office has been integral in following the developments, in expanding and deepening the relationships, in increasing the volumes and providing with constant and consistent control management to the client.

The new building department is strongly supported by Intermodal’s finance department that can assist in providing competitive financing solutions for all shipyards and projects.

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In a sector where reliability and smooth operation are priceless, Intermodal enjoys long-standing and strong relationships with all major cash buyers globally, which enables us to ensure performance, competitive pricing and smooth transactions.


The successful delivery of numerous vessels during the past years, at highly competitive rates, has given Intermodal the ability to provide solutions that protect the residual value of its customers’ assets. We cover all major recycling destinations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North and South China and Turkey.


Special care is taken for the Green, environmentally friendly disposal of all vessels that exit from the world active fleet and become part of the Ship Recycling process. Intermodal has recognized early on the increasing environmental concerns that many ship owning companies must adhere to and through our Athens and Shanghai offices, we can intermediate and provide a reliable Green ship disposal solution, during which hazardous materials & toxic substances are handled according to regulations.

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