Intermodal is an authorized ship valuator, widely recognized and highly regarded amongst Ship Owners, Banking and other Financial Institutions for our objective approach and accurate ship value assessments. Thanks to our vast and accurate database of SnP and chartering transactions which has been thoroughly built over several decades with commitment to detail and accuracy, we are able to fully and precisely evaluate the current value of vessels of almost all sectors including the more specialized sides of the industry such as RoRo, PCT, Passenger, Fast Ferry, Cruise and Offshore.

Ship valuations have always generated a lot of controversy as far as how objective a broker can be when asked to appraise the asset of a shipowner, the very same person who is ultimately the broker’s main source of income. Situations were owners have put pressure on brokers to overstate a valuation have cloned to an extend the perception of objectivity in the opinion offered by a broker and have resulted in the creation of automated software systems that promise full transparency and objectivity as they  apparently  render the human element obsolete throughout the entire valuation process.

What those systems fail to incorporate in their model though is factors that are core to the industry’s nature. Valuations should be done through a multi-levelled appraisal process, done by market specialists and not through a “static” mathematical model.

The market experience and “gut” feeling of a large SnP broker team still plays a vital role in providing an adequate direction and market vibe especially when one considers the lack of week-on-week comparable transactions, which can create a significant gap between the last comparable sale at which time the true direction the market has taken can easily be lost by an automated and so called “intelligent” system that is bounded and fixed by outdated perceptions.

In order to balance all these needs, our highly specialized team focuses on their extensive experience and highly specialized knowledge in order to most accurately quote the value of almost all vessel types in the market. At the same time the independence of our Research team who is responsible for the valuation service means that we are not bound by subjective interests and influenced by pressures from third parties, providing as such a result that is both unbiased and fair.