Our Process

Being a company that always places our customers first. Our key aim is to honour this principle no matter how much we evolve and grow. Our main drive has therefore remained this very simple objective; to be a primarily customer-centric business by making sure that that the right expertise is always in the right place, to deliver the quality service you expect.

Our 6 Guiding Principles

To maintain our status quo as a world-class international ship broking establishment, capable of delivering a wide range of services that are truly complete and tailor-made to each client’s evolving needs.

To never compromise on our boutique-shop mentality within each segment of our business.

To grow our business through delivering a service that is targeted solely at maximizing the profitability of our customers’ business and always putting their interest first without compromising our identity or integrity.

To continuously explore new business opportunities, while remaining at the forefront of developments by fully utilizing our people’s expertise and knowhow.

To keep developing strong relationships with international market players, while maintaining our strict standards of due diligence.

To keep investing in our people. For us our human capital is the first pillar of our dedication to our clients and an integral part of our success. Intermodal’s team combines diverse studies, working experiences and backgrounds, combined in such a way that it offers to our clients a complete and comprehensive solution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We firmly believe that, within our capacity, we can create value and protect the interest od our clients whilst not having to compromise our responsibility towards our planet.

Intermodal is fully committed to working together with the industry for the future of sustainable shipping and shipping services. We may have a long history but our relentless investment to human capital would not be complete without ensuring we go to great lengths to ensure that we take all steps necessary to reduce our carbon footprint in and out of our office.

Intermodal is constantly investing on its people being at the forefront of new ideas at this critical point in time which is marked by restlessness in innovation for new fuel technologies, ship recycling, sustainability issues and other areas that require our generation’s attention.