Being one of the services that was encompassed in the initial establishment of Intermodal and having accumulated a long and highly valued experience over the past 30 years, our chartering department is fully equipped to provide a full chartering solution that is complimented by their expertise, knowledge and commitment to our clients.

The ever growing team means that we are constantly on the move able to provide added support and further coverage to your every need. The direct access to traders, charterers and owners provided by our significant clientele and business relationships, means that we are always in the position of sourcing the best opportunities while giving us a unique insight and an ability to fully guide on commercial matters and the best course of action at any time.

Our diverse group is split up into specialist teams providing cover and focus for specific markets and commodities and allows for direct representation of our principals’ exclusive needs. At the same time, our excellent co-operation with different broking houses across the globe means that we are always well informed on all movements and requirements and are in a position to quickly and efficiently respond to your needs by providing meaningful solutions.

Tanker Chartering

Intermodal’s Tanker chartering desk is active in the crude oil, petroleum products (clean and dirty), and specialized product markets by providing professional chartering and post-fixture services to its principals.

Our services encompass chartering of all tanker vessel sizes in the spot market as well as arranging period charters, COAs and bare-boat charters.

Our team of young and experienced brokers has built up an extensive network and reputation in all segments of activity, while cultivated a strong customer portfolio of Charterers, Owners and Operators, which is constantly being strengthened.

Specialised products desk

 Our desk specializes in the transportation of liquid products such as vegetable oils , palm oils , bio-fuels, molasses and chemicals. Such range of specialized products requires sophisticated chemical vessels and in depth knowledge of the market that our team tailors. We aim to support our clients with value added services emphasizing on detailed market insight and post-fixture assistance.


Cpp / Dpp

Our clean petroleum products desk serves to provide efficient solutions for its clients. Clean products include naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline and diesel/gas oil. Our highly educated and specialized team serves Owners and Charterers for dedicated product carriers that ship clean petroleum products. The dirty petroleum products desk, specializes in the crude and fuel oil transportation covering a wide range of vessel sizes from small tankers to VLCCs.

Both desks handle spot chartering as well as COAs, time charters and bareboat chartering.