Intermodal Research performs a systematic, objective collection and analysis of data and provides clear and concise updates, reports and special editions for the main shipping sector related activities.

Our experienced team plays a critical role in Intermodal’s success with a hard earned reputation for our analysts’ critical viewpoint which is driven by the close collaboration with our SnP and chartering brokers.

This has allowed our reports and presentations to become a benchmark for shipowners, bankers, forum panellists and other market professionals.

Intermodal Research generates regular market reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis, focusing on fleet statistics, industry developments and aimed at providing our clients with a professional view on the constantly changing shipping markets. These reports are well renowned in the industry and continue to receive constant praise and respect for their high quality content and expertise analysis.

In addition the department is often called upon to undertake tailor made consultations, either in the form of specialized reports or exclusive presentations by our analysts, utilizing our extensive experience to better guide our clients in the decision making process of specialized areas.

Our key aim is to always provide our clients with all the necessary tools and knowledge in order to; evaluate supply and demand issues, perform in depth future risk assessment, examine the feasibility of different projects and fully supporting them in their decision-making process.

Data interpretation from both our research specialists and brokers gives the added advantage of providing market intelligence to shipping, banking and investment interests internationally.

Intermodal is an authorized ship valuator, widely recognized and highly regarded amongst Ship Owners, Banking and other Financial Institutions for our objective approach and accurate ship value assessments. Thanks to our vast and accurate database of SnP and chartering transactions which has been thoroughly built over several decades with commitment to detail and accuracy, we are able to fully and precisely evaluate the current value of vessels of almost all sectors including the more specialized sides of the industry such as RoRo, PCT, Passenger, Fast Ferry, Cruise and Offshore.