The successful delivery of numerous vessels during the past years, at highly competitive rates, has given Intermodal the ability to provide solutions that protect the residual value of its customers’ assets.

We cover all major recycling destinations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North and South China and Turkey.

In a sector where reliability and smooth operation are priceless, Intermodal enjoys long-standing and strong relationships with all major cash buyers globally, which enables us to ensure performance, competitive pricing and smooth transactions.

Special care is taken for the Green, Environmental friendly disposal of all vessels that exit from the world active fleet and become part of the Ship Recycling process.

Due to our long lasting relationships with many ship recycling players, we are in a strong position to offer competitive Green Recycling solutions in India as well as in China.

Intermodal has recognized early on the increasing environmental concerns that many ship owning companies must adhere to and through our Athens and Shanghai offices, we can intermediate and provide a reliable Green ship disposal solution, during which hazardous materials & toxic substances are handled according to regulations.