Our regular produced market reports have become well renowned and highly respected throughout the industry and receive constant praise from some of the most prominent and influential members of the industry. Their high quality content and expertise together with  thorough analysis by our analysts, make our publications a benchmark for many and allow our readership to stay in touch with all the developments that are poised to influence the outcome of operational and investment decisions.

Weekly reports

Out every Tuesday. The most sought after weekly report in the market. Stay informed about everything that takes place with regards to Sale & Purchase, Newbuilding and Demolition activity, with updates on the wet and dry freight markets and a unique insight from a different member of our team each week.

Monthly reports (*)

Published on the first week of every month as both a free version summary and a full paid subscription option, it provides a comprehensive review of the Sale and Purchase, Newbuilding, Demolition and Chartering markets.

Sector reports (*)

Sector specific issues dedicated to covering an in depth analysis of each separate market. Each report boasts a complete breakdown of individual size segments covering several aspects including Fleet and Orderbook developments, Freight & Asset markets as well as their general trends and investment assessment based on current market levels and future expectations. It also goes into further detail regarding deals and transactions in both the Sale and Purchase and Chartering markets allowing for a unique insight into how the market is evolving.

(*) For clients only.

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