Currently encompassing over three companies, the Intermodal Group has become a hub of information and resources while each separate entity still manages to keep its boutique-shop specialization.

The Group has grown rapidly since 2010 both internally as well as through co-operations and mergers. Providing a plethora of highly specialized services has turned the Intermodal Group into one of the leading global brands in terms of maritime services, making us in turn a one-stop-shop. Prominent ship owners, managers, traders, charterers, and financial houses have relied and benefited from our knowledge and experience and continue to depend on us for some of their most important commercial needs. The combination of our technical, operational and financial expertise gives us a leading edge when it comes to difficult negotiations and makes us your preferred business advisor and partner.

Being a company that always places our customers first, our key aim is to honour this principle no matter how much we evolve and grow. Our main goal has therefore remained this very simple objective; to be a primarily customer-centric business by making sure that that the right expertise is always in the right place, to deliver the quality service you expect.